3 Easy Steps to Scheduling Your Pins in Tailwind

3 Easy Steps to Scheduling Your Pins in Tailwind - You will love using this pin scheduler!  #tailwind #bloggingtips #pintereststrategies

Tailwind is an online scheduler that can help you schedule your pins in advance which is very helpful and can save you quite a bit of time. I use Tailwind myself and love it. Here are the basic steps to scheduling a pin. If you haven’t setup your account yet you can start with a  FREE TRIAL of Tailwind now. Sign up for their paid plan here and RECEIVE A FREE MONTH!


To begin, install the Tailwind extension browser for either Chrome, Firefox or Safari. You will see a button for this at top of your account page. After it is installed you will see a Tailwind logo at the top right of your browser bar. Now anytime you hover over an image on your blog or another website you'll see the Tailwind Scheduler button on the bottom left of the image. When you're in Pinterest you'll see the Tailwind logo at the top of each Pin.


In your Tailwind account, click on Your Schedule on the left. Here is where you see the time slots for your weekly pinning schedule. You can add or delete time slots. These will appear in gray. The time slots in green are what Tailwind has figured will be best for your content. Tailwind also suggests time slots for you - those have a dotted green line around them. Just click on them to add them to your schedule. You should start with 10 - 20 Pins (time slots) a day to start.

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You can click on Scheduled Pins on the left and in this window you will see on the right side a visual of all your scheduled Pins. You can also rearrange them simply by dragging and dropping. Pins that you gave a custom time though will not rearrange unless you click on the Auto Queue button on the left for that Pin.

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Now that your schedule is set up it’s time to start Pinning! Go to your blog and hover over an image. You should have at least one Pinnable image that is Pinterest ready. To learn more about that read my 7 Easy Steps for Creating Pinterest Pins That Get Shared. On your image, click on the Tailwind Scheduler button on the bottom left. A new window will open up. Here you will see your Pin and in the field under it, is where you choose the board (s) you want your Pin to appear on. You can then either click on the Schedule Now button or Save Later button at the top or on the Add to Queue Now button at the bottom. When you add it the Queue a window will open that says your Pin has been saved.

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It is now in your Drafts section of Tailwind. You can keep adding Pins to your Drafts section and when you’re ready, click the Schedule All Drafts button at the bottom. This saves you so much time! Your Pins are now all set to go.

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So you can see the best way to schedule your pins is through Tailwind - it's a huge time saver! You can start a  FREE TRIAL of Tailwind now. Sign up for their paid plan here and RECEIVE A FREE MONTH!

I hope you found this helpful! If you find that you don’t have the time to schedule your Pins you may be in need of a Virtual Pinterest Assistant who can help with scheduling your pins and other types of Pinterest management. If you need assistance take a look at my Pinterest Managment and Graphic Design Services and contact me. I’d love to help.

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