Where to Find Design Inspiration

 Where to Find Design Inspiration - Feeling stuck for ideas? Inspiration is all around you. You just need to look. #bloggingtips #blogdesign

Whether you’re just starting out or have been blogging for a while, creating blog graphics can be a struggle. If you’re new, you may not even know how to start the process. If you’ve been around the block, you may discover things are getting a bit stale. It’s easy to become overwhelmed or fall into a rut in a creative profession like blogging. Taking some time to check out visual sources and doing some research may be just the key to providing you with a boost of creativity and optimism. Keep reading to learn just where to find design inspiration for your blog.

Similar Blogs

The first place to begin may be with blogs in your niche. Seeing what others are doing in their design can provide you with a bunch of ideas. Just be sure to add your own unique touch to your designs, as you don't want copy anyone - that's bad. Viewing the work of others can also give you some ideas of what not to do. You’ll get a feel for the kinds of colors and imagery that are being used and which bloggers seem to be using them most effectively.


In Pinterest you can search for terms like “blog header” or “blog graphics” to produce a ton of ideas to fuel your imagination. This is a great way to keep up with design trends, as well. A visit to Pinterest should be a regular part of your evolving design process. You should of course have a Pinterest business account for your blog. Not sure how to use Pinterest? A Virtual Pinterest Assistant can help you set-up and manage your account.


A perfect place to get design inspiration for your blog is by checking out the work of professional designers. Graphic design professionals almost always have a portfolio of their work on their website. You can do a Google search to find designers that do blog work or look at your favorite blogs. Often, you’ll find the credit of the designer at the bottom of the page. While the techniques of the pros might be beyond your skill level, you can modify ideas you love in a way that is within your abilities.


Check out both print magazines and online magazines for ways in which design is being used in various formats. It’s true that print and digital techniques often differ; but you might be able to draw on some great color combinations, layouts or headlines found within real, hands-on pages. There are also plenty of design-specific digital magazines that can guide you on the latest trends in web design. When I worked in marketing departments we would always spend time going through different resources to generate ideas. It's okay to work off someone else's design as long as you come up with  a new take on it.

All Around You

So what does this mean exactly? Creativity is all around us, you just have to look. Pay attention to fashion trends, interior design, or music, maybe color combinations you see in nature.... visit museums or a new city. Take a look at the past for ideas and what may be coming up in the future. When you find something that inspires you save it. Whether it's online or something you can take a photo of... make a reference library for yourself whatever way works best for you. Then you can go to it when you need to be inspired.

Enjoy your search for design inspiration with these ideas. Sometimes you just need a spark to move you in the right direction. What are you inspired by? Share it in the comments.

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