5 Ways to Promote Your Pinterest Account and Drive More Traffic to Your Blog

5 Ways to Promote Your Pinterest Account and Get More Traffic to Your Blog - Learn effective ways to promote and you will soon see a difference. #pinteresttips #pintereststrategies #bloggingtips

It’s important to promote your Pinterest account as that is a major traffic generator.  According to Pinterest: 93% of Pinners say they find new ideas on there and 72% of Pinners find new brands and services. That's all potential readers for your blog and customers for your products. So what are some of the ways you promote your page? Well first you should integrate Pinterest with your social media accounts. Note that I didn’t say Pinterest was also a social media platform… because it’s not. Remember it’s a search engine. So when you first set up your Pinterest account, connect it with Facebook and Twitter using the tools available. Use that to find and invite the friends you already have. Be sure to cross-promote as much as possible and always mention or link your Pinterest account or pins when appropriate.  As you do this, new people will start connecting with you. Now here are some other ways to promote your Pinterest presence. 

Make Your Blog Pin Worthy

Your blog should always have visually appealing graphics to make readers enjoy visiting your site.. Visuals are just as important as content. When you write your blog posts, include Pins with great images and make sure you have the Pinterest Save Button installed on your web site. The button makes it easy for your readers to save your pins to their Pinterest boards.

Add a Facebook Page Tab

Facebook and Pinterest can work together very well if you add a Facebook Page Tab for Pinterest on your Facebook pages. It will directly link to your Pinterest account. I love this feature. You can get it through Pinterest Tab for Pages from FNMaker. It will look like this below:

Pinterest Tab for Facebook

Or you can add it from Woobox which is what I use, see below. I prefer this one because it shows your board names as well.

Pinterest Tab for Facebook

Ask People to Connect

On all your social media accounts, mention your Pinterest account and ask them to follow you. Remember to add your link.

Turn Comments into Meme’s

When you get a positive comment, use a photo/graphics editing web site like PicMonkey or a program like Photoshop to turn that comment into a meme. Make a Board on your Pinterest page with the positive comments and be sure to share them on your social media accounts. Always ask for permission before you use anyone’s comments.

Put a Link to Your Pinterest Page and a Share Button in Your Emails

When people have signed up for your email list, you will want to let them know you have a Pinterest account they can follow. Then by adding social media share buttons (I use SUMO for my buttons which I love and they're FREE) readers can share the content with others, which can get you more subscribers. This may seem like a no-brainer but people do forget to do this!

What ways are you promoting your Pinterest presence to drive traffic?

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