Why Bloggers Need to Join Pinterest Group Boards

Why Bloggers Need to Join Pinterest Group Boards - If you’re not pinning to group boards, you’re missing out on a huge audience that goes well beyond your own followers. So let's start with the basics.... #pinterestgroupboards #pinteresttips #pintereststrategies #tailwind

If you’re not pinning to group boards, you’re missing out on a huge audience that goes well beyond your own followers. So let's start with the basics...

What's a Pinterest Group Board?

Group boards are very much like individual or blog/business Pinterest boards. They’re still a collection of content pertaining to a set theme for each board. The difference is that group boards have multiple contributors instead of just one. There’s no limit to the number of contributors you can have in a group. The type of content, the number and influence of the contributors and the pinning frequency are all factors that will determine how many times your pins may be seen. The more eyes that view your content, the higher the likelihood the pins you created will be shared.

How do You Find and Join Pinterest Group Boards?

You can find group boards in your niche just by checking out the Pinterest boards of your favorite pinners. Find accounts of those in your niche or a related topic, then see what kinds of group boards they belong to. You can also find Pinterest group boards by category by visiting a site called PinGroupie. This site lists boards also by the number of pins, collaborators, and followers. When you find a group board you'd like to join you’ll need to get an invitation from the board’s owner in order to contribute. First, check the board’s description to see if it has directions for applying. If there are no directions given, simply send a message to the board owner asking to join. Usually, there will be an email address in the board description or you can send a message to them through Pinterest. Be sure to let them know what you like about their board and what you can contribute.

What to Look for in Pinterest Group Boards

Not all group boards are created equal. You’ll want to consider groups that are relevant to your niche. There are boards that are open to multiple niches as well. You'll have to decide if any of those are a good fit for you. The next thing to consider when deciding which boards to join is the number of followers. More followers means more eyeballs. But there's more to consider than just the amount of followers. We all know more isn’t always better. Along with a high number of followers, you also want to belong to active boards. You can determine the rate of activity by checking out the number of repins you see across the board. Another number to pay attention to is how many contributors the board has. If there are a lot of people already, this is good because it’s probably an active board. Boards with lower numbers may be new and could be worth a shot, as well, but it’s also possible that these are exclusive or closed groups. Check the description to see if they’re inviting new members.

If the board owner decides to invite you then you'll receive an invitation by email. Once you accept, the board will appear on your account. You can go even further by determining the best times to pin on these boards and then schedule your pins through Tailwind - it's a huge time saver! I use it myself and love the ease of using it. 

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Pinterest Group Boards are great not only to grow your blog traffic and engagement, but also to collaborate with others who have an interest in your niche. So go out there, find some boards, and get pinning!

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