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sky essentials skin care

"When it comes to Pinterest Nina is definitely the expert.  From implementing Taliwind  to creating the pins, Nina knows exactly what to do. I appreciate all her help and expertise. I could not have done this without her.  Thank You Nina!!!" 
Yasmin Sharifi,   www.skyessentialskin.com


dream love focus breathe

"I'm very impressed with the pinnable images that Nina created. The images used were appropriate for the subject matter and in keeping with the style of the blog. I would highly recommend Nina's services."  
Lucy Love,   www.dreamlovefocusbreathe.com

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hash tag is in

"Nina offers awesome skills for Pinterest and I realized this only after using her services. Earlier I thought that professional pins can be made easily through Canva, but when I checked the pins she created I was intrigued to see the difference. The quality of pins were superb and the fact that she highlights the brand quite evidently is something I never paid attention to before. I am an extremely glad customer of hers." 
Daniya Hashmi,   www.hashtagisin.com


simply on eden

"After receiving the pins from Nina at  InspireaConnection.com I was amazed by the speed they were done and the quality. She created them to coordinate with my site and was very detail oriented when choosing fonts, colors and images. I have seen those pins do well since adding them into my posts and expect that they will only grow over time. Creating pins of this quality and visual appeal takes lots of time and effort so working with Nina was truly a gift. I am so thrilled with my experience and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for quality, beautiful pins."
Jenn Salsich,  www.simplyoneden.com

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“Nina created a gorgeous media kit for my website that I can provide to prospective clients. It will help me clearly communicate my value proposition to companies who want to hire me. She took the information provided and put it into a format that is interesting and easy to use. Thanks so much. I look forward to using it. “
Mathea Ford,  www.renaldiethq.com

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